> Nunavut Summer 2010

Photos taken during my 2010 summer job in Nunavut. Note that not all of these were taken by me, especially the ones where I am in the photo

Cariboo Hides
Celebrating a birthday
Chalcopyrite (copper) nodule
Channel sampling
Chef extraordinaire
Church in Baker Lake
Church on Peninsula
Clay erosion
Clear Lake
Cold day and warm geologist
Collecting a bag of dirt
Coloured Houses
Coloured rocks to look at - happy, happy
Community Freezer
Cozy House
Crash Landing
Crew bugging up
D & H  Soil Sampling
Derelict camp buildings
DHL at Nowyak
Dinner at Camp
Do not feed bears
Dog Condos
Early in the summer
Early morning wait for a heli ride
Edge of Lake with Ice
Excited by old rocks
Exploration camp in the tundra
Field of Arctic Cotton
Fifth and Sixth Inukshuks - kind of tiny
First stop in the arctic on July1
Fishing Shed
Flat and watery
Flat, flat, flat
Fluffy Clouds
Flying south to Amaruk
Flying to Henik
Flying to Kugaaruk
Flying to Mallery on a bad day
Flying to Mallery on a good day
Folds and a loonie
Frost boils from the air
Frozen patches of ice
Funnel Cloud
Geoff flies to work
GG_LE prospecting
Giving a barrel a lift in the helicopter
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