> Nunavut Summer 2010

Photos taken during my 2010 summer job in Nunavut. Note that not all of these were taken by me, especially the ones where I am in the photo

2 bags 100 bucks
2010 field crew
A Quartz Vein full of Gold
A Tenth Inukshuk
A walk through Baker Lake
Above the clouds in the arctic
Aerial View Baker Lake
Aerial View of Henik Camp
Airport Check-in
Amaruk Camp Aerial
An Old Exploration Camp
Another Midnite sunset
Another rainy Day
Another sample site
Another sunset to end the day
Any fish in there
Arctic airport
Arctic Cotton
Arctic landscape from the helicopter
Arctic Ocean at Halkett Inlet
Arctic or Caribbean
Arctic River
Arriving at Amaruk
Artsy Arctic Scenery
Artsy Grass Shot
Artsy Shot of rusty machinery
Artwork in Baker Lake Lodge
Arviat Aerial
Baby Birds
Back door at the Kugaaruk (Pelly Bay) air Terminal
Baker Lake Lodge
Balancing Rock
Bank of an arctic river
Best Inukshuk this summer
Black flies inside the chopper
Boardwalk at Henik Camp
Boulder with Lichen
Breccia texture
Bright field gear
Bug Jacket
Burning Garbage
C. and his fish
Calm Air flight north
Camp set up
Cape Dorset Poster
Caravan to fly in
Caribbean or Arctic?
Cariboo antlers in town