> Falkland Islands April 2013

Penguin burrows
Penguin Footprints
Penguin Photographer
Perpetual lawn mowers
Port Egmont 1765
Posing gentoo
Post Office
Proud King Penguin
Referendum 2013
Rivers of Quartzite
Rock Hopper penguin
Rocky beach at Carcass Island
Rookery of Albatross
Row Houses
Ruddy Headed Geese
Ruins of Port Egmont
Sailors in Stanley
Saunders island Settlement
Sheep and Magellanic Penguin
Slightly Chilly
Solar System Sculpture
Stanley Public Jetty
Striated caracara
Stylin' Gentoo
Talking Gentoos
The Albatross neighbourhood
The neck Saunders island
The West Store and typical vehicle
Three Amigos
Tussock Grass is tall
Very Small baby King
Wind generator on Saunders island
Windy Day at the Public Jetty