> Falkland Islands April 2013

A Welcoming Sign
Anchored at Stanley
Battle of the Falklands memorial 1914
Black Browed Albatross
Burnt_Island Sunset
Camp Life on Carcass Island
Carcass Settlement
Cathedral and Whalebone Arch
Comerrsons Dolphin
Couple of Gentoos
Cross of Remembrance
Curare anchored in Stanley Harbour
Dolphin Gull
Empty Rockhopper penguin Nests
Eyebrows and ear decoration
Falkland Steamer Duck
Fishing is fun
Flapping for exercise
Fog and Sun
Fuzzy Baby King
Geese and Curare
Gentoo Penguin
Good fishing spot
Hoisting the flag at Port Egmont
Home sweet home
Hopping down the cliff
I am hungry
Inter Island transport
Is anyone home
Jubilee Villas
Junior and Mom
King Colony
Kings going fishing
Land Ho
Last 3 Rockhoppers
Leaving Stanley
Linda visits the King Penguins
Lonely  house at camp
Looking for Pebbles
Magellanic Penguin in Moult
Many Sheep
Memorial to 1982 War with Argentina
Mom and baby
Morris Old Style
Nest pillars
Nina and a baby King
Old House at Saunders
Palm trees
Pebble Island