> A Birthday trip to Nepal March 2020

For LE's 2020 birthday trip we flew to Nepal, arriving in Kathmandu on March 13. The proposed itinerary was 2 1/2 weeks and we expected to be home on April 2. Things did not turn out as planned because this was the year that Covid 19 became a pandemic. While we were on the trekking trail Nepal implemented a country wide lock down and we had to adjust our schedule. Despite the change of our plans we had a wonderful time and were able to experience life in a small village, an unexpected gift. These photos attempt to show a bit of what we did. Click on an image to view full size.

VA Walking to jeep
WA Covid 19 sign
Y At KGH for 10 days
YB Charity food table
YC GG shopping for snacks
YD Breakfast everyday at KGH
YE 5 oclock drinks
Z Waiting at Australian Embassy
ZA Departing from Kathmandu airport
ZB April 11 leaving Nepal