> A Birthday trip to Nepal March 2020

For LE's 2020 birthday trip we flew to Nepal, arriving in Kathmandu on March 13. The proposed itinerary was 2 1/2 weeks and we expected to be home on April 2. Things did not turn out as planned because this was the year that Covid 19 became a pandemic. While we were on the trekking trail Nepal implemented a country wide lock down and we had to adjust our schedule. Despite the change of our plans we had a wonderful time and were able to experience life in a small village, an unexpected gift. These photos attempt to show a bit of what we did. Click on an image to view full size.

A March 13 Arrival in Nepal
B Kathmandu street scene
BB Tibetan carpets
CC Monkey temple
DD Boddnath stupa
DE Geoff and Nar
EA March 16 Road to Sherpagong
EB March 17 leaving on the trek
EC GG and rhododendron
ED GG at upper Rimche
F LE on stairs
FA Suspension bridge
FB Inside of a tea house
H LE and Nar lunch stop
HA GG on trail
HB Langtang Valley
IA In the kitchen
IC Langtang valley
J Langtang slide
JA Upper langtang valley
K Kyjangjing Gompa
KA Mahdev the porter
KB Nar the guide
KC LE and stupa
KC Porridge with honey
KD Kyjangjing Gompa village
L March 20 GG and LE on top of Kyangjing Ri
LA Prayer flags
LB Trekking in a snow fall
LC Upper langtang valley snow day
LE Local Langtang transport
LE Yak
LG GG cairn building
M Langtang valley
MB Tasty apple pie
MD Porters carrying lumber
NA Valley trail
NC G on stone stairs
O March 23 Discover a mini grocer
R Briddhim for 10 days
R The Potala guesthouse
RA  Military police enforce travel ban
RB Building a rock wall
RC Briddhim Gompa
RD Momo snacks for the wall builders
SA G washing laundry
SB Eating lunch
T March 31 Birthday surprise
TA Departing Potala Guesthouse
V Trekking out of Briddhim