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September 09, 2017


Well, I guess it's been 10 years for me too now, following you by ham radio through your journeys. From our first "practice" contact, checking to make sure your radio worked before you sailed out of Vancouver, until a month ago when you were more than halfway across the Atlantic enroute to Ireland, we've had over 450 good radio contacts. Of course, there have also been a couple of dozen times along the way when the ionosphere wasn't cooperating and we couldn't really hear each other. But all and all we've been successful 90% of the time. Long distance radio waves are propagated by the ionosphere, but only when the ionosphere is sufficiently charged by solar radiation. The solar radiation goes up and down in ~11 year cycles and we started and ended this 10 years at a low point in that cycle. That was serendipitous too, since our longest distance contacts were during the solar maximum when radio conditions were at their best. My favorite times were when you were in the Beagle Channel, over 8,000 miles from Berkeley/San Francisco and we could hear each other's voices quite well. Can only imagine what is was like for you tied up in some little cove, 4 lines holding Curare in place as the willywaws blew down from the Southern Andes peaks.... while I was safe, warm, dry, and comfortable in my little radio room in the garage. It's been a great 10 years following you on the radio, reading Linda's wonderful blog posts, and having such interesting friends. All the best for the next 10 years and beyond. 73, Peter w6dei

10 years??!! You can truly call yourselves salty dogs.
Congrats to you both and your faithful ship! May the adventure continue and the winds be kind. I follow your wonderful blog and like you, find the 'old' technology just fine (SSB included).

My cruising days are over but I sail every day with you Thank You

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