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January 08, 2010


Hi Jessie - Don't worry about being a 'grey' hound. We have to deal with all the things that go with being a Basset Hound. Imagine living in a house with a Mom who constantly cleans the slobber off the walls. That makes us have to shake our heads all the more. Or imagine what it's like being outside barking your face off and then going, "OMG, Gus do you remember what we were barking at?" Your hair may be grey, Jessie, but at least you have hair. Have you looked at your Dad recently??!!!
Happy Woofs to you all. :)

If you are still in Melaque look out for Stephan and Nancy from Hornby Island as they are there still I think. Hope you guys are having fun in the sun. happy 2010!

It's ok to go grey Jessie, don't worry you will get over it soon. I went gray when I was 17 yrs old and I'm 48 now. It's slowly loosing your hair that really suck's, hopefully I'll get over that too, keep you chin up and be carefull of that mexican garbage. Jack

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